1946 Starting as a plant of Nakajima Aircraft Hamamatsu manufactory, it became a factory of Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. after the war and started to produce Rhythm Sewing Machine.
1960 Started manufacturing the automotive parts for Prince Motor Co., Ltd.
1961 Separated from Prince Motor Co., Ltd. and newly inaugurated business as Rhythm Friend Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Capital : 100 million yen, 100% owned by Prince Motor Co., Ltd.)
1966 Became an affiliate of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. as a result of the merger of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Prince Motor Co., Ltd.
1967 The Company changed its name to Rhythm Motor Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and focuses on producing vital safety parts for Nissan automobiles, along with the increased production volume promoted by Nissan.
Purchased 100,000sq.m of land in Gokyucho, Hamamatsu City to be used for factory grounds. The plant was established after 6-phases of construction work. (Building area : 18,258sq.m)
1976 The capital was increased to 400 million yen.
1980 Head office was completed. (2,256sq.m)
1983 Technical cooperation with Alfred Teves of Germany.
1985 Assistance agreement with Heng Ton Machinery Co., Ltd. of Taiwan.
Assistance agreement with Mic Auto Ancillaries of India.
1989 Awarded with the NQC(Nissan Quality Control) Prize.
1990 Established Rhythm Kyushu, Co., Ltd.
1991 The Company changed its name to Rhythm Corporation.
1993 Established Rhythm Inasa, Co., Ltd.
Assistance agreement with Tamp Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd.
1995 Assistance agreement with Samjin Precision Work Co., Ltd.
1996 Established Big Bend Technology, Inc. of U.S.A.
1997 Registered ISO9001/QS9000.
1998 Established Rhythm North America Corporation of U.S.A.
1999 Awarded for TPM Excellence-first category.
2001 ISO14001 certification acquired.
2002 2nd building completed at BBT.
All shares transferred to J.P. Morgan Partners.
2003 JIT production system introduced.
BBT became a wholly-owned subsidiary.
2004 All stocks transferred to the Carlyle Group.
2005 Registered ISO / TS16949.
2006 BBT changed its name to RNA
2007 All stocks transferred to THK CO., LTD.
Established THK RHYTHM (THAILAND) CO., LTD. of Thailand.
2010 The Company changed its name to THK RHYTHM CO., LTD.
2011 Established THK RHYTHM (CHANGZHOU) CO., LTD. of China.
Acquired TRW's Asia Pacific L&S Business (TRMS).
2014 THK RHYTHM KYUSHU is unified to the head office, and it is considered as the Kyushu Plant.